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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello! I have been a bit busy relaxing and taking in some of the sites that are within an hour of where I live. Friday afternoon I decided to travel to Watkins Glen, NY for a burger at the Seneca Harbor Station. Yes, a one hour drive for a hamburger...words just can not explain you actually have to have one to understand or is the burger an excuse when actually it is the view. I had completely forgotten about the Nascar in the Glen race going on this weekend. So the little town of Watkins Glen, NY was hopping!

Then on Sunday I went to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon that is about thirty minutes from my home. My goal was to catch a glimpse of the do you think I did? At my little ice cream/gift shop I talk with tourists regularly that speak of the beautiful views at the canyon. I have not been there in years other than to snowmobile in the bottom so it was definitely a breath taking treat. On my to do list for the fall is to go back and hike on the trails and take these same photos to show you the beautiful fall foliage that tourists come from far and wide to see. Sorry I told you I was not a techy! I don't seem to be able to figure out putting the pics after my paragraph....bear with me I will get it someday! In the meantime the pics on the left side are Watkins Glen the pics in the middle and the right are the Grand Canyon.

Hopefully this week I will get projects and pics flowing. I was planning on finishing the binding on a quilt and making a purse for my future daughter in law this last week and then Tuesday morning while cleaning and defrosting my ice cream freezers I cut my finger quite seriously. The stubborn country girl in me toughed it out and ignored all the opinions that I needed stitches. It is doing very well now so I am blogging and crafting again!

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

WOW!! Never thought I would find so many new friends so fast! Thank you to all for your visits and nice comments welcoming me to the neighborhood! I have to confess that I have actually sat with my cup of tea and computer and visited with most of you already... and you have also been my inspiration to join this family. I am by no means a techy person so this blog project has been a challenge I have met all on my own. Well maybe a couple self-help websites to guide me along.

As Diane said I have an ice cream shop and that keeps me busy, busy, busy from mid June to mid August so I will post a few pics from the past project vault and as soon as I am in full swing quilting again I will get pics up of my new projects. Pay no attention to the dates on the pics, I do not take the time to reset the date when I change the batteries in my camera.

I just returned from a long awaited had been 15-18 years. Never again will I wait that long! Emerald Isle, NC was absolutely what I needed! One of my new followers lists NC as home...I enjoyed my visit to your state greatly, what a great place to live! Believe it or not I only left the beach when forced to and I did not visit any quilt shops. It was an absolute vacation from everything norm in my life. Just seashells, ocean, sand and sun! I could get used to that! Til I get another minute, have a great day!

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