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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Bye to another ice cream season

Well the time has come to call it another year in the ice cream dipping business. I will be open today through Sunday and then Sunday will be a bit of a treat for those that stop in for a visit! Trick or Treat is very interesting at the ice cream shop that also carries penny candy. A lot of little trick or treaters stop in to see if they can pick what they would like from the bins ;-}. This year they can! I have been open into November in the past so couldn't give away all the candy, this year I figured would be a great way to clean out and thank everyone for their support!

I have been trying to exercise the dogs and myself lately. I am having trouble outrunning weight! I have 15 lbs free to give away if anyone is interested just inquire. I stopped in at the ice cream shop on Saturday to check in with the girls before I headed out for my walk and ran into an angel in disguise delivering a bag of goodies for me and picking up pumpkin ice cream for herself. There were fat quarters galore and a quilt for me to quilt for this angel. I had been having a rough week and it seems this angel seems to pop into my life when I need words of encouragement or acts of kindness! What happens at The Main Twist stays at The Main Twist so I am unable to identify the angel. ;-) People get really defensive about eating ice cream and others finding out. Me on the other hand.....I eat ice cream! Which is why I have 15 extra pounds!

Ten weeks and I finally have been able to remove the splint from my finger and after two weeks of dealing with an uncooperative club attached to my hand I am almost back to normal. Quilting look out!

My next post should be of all kinds of quilting that I am able to finish with my free time. Check back soon! Enjoy your Thursday.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Great Giveaway

A rainy cool week in Northern been doing some blog surfing. I have found a new blog and they are having a giveaway! Make sure to stop over and check out Glenna's new blog and enter the five drawings being offered!

Quilting, quilting...I finished three quilts this last week and four the week before. I am trying to stay ahead so I am not feeling overwhelmed when the Christmas rush arrives! Still have a few openings for Christmas projects.

The ice cream world is slowing down. This week it has rained and ice cream is not a high priority in pouring rain. This weekends forecast is for 70's and it is homecoming at the university in our town so this should put a big dent in the ice cream inventory.

I need to get back to quilting! Enjoy your day! Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit with me.

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