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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am Back!

OH My!! How time flies! I did not realize that it had been quite this long! I have been busy, busy, busy. Ice cream time is winding down and I have been working at the ice cream shop more to cover for the kids that have returned to school.

This weekend is the Fabulous 1890's celebration and if the weather will be the last big weekend for my business. The Fabulous 1890's celebration is in recognition of the first night under the light football game that occurred right here in our small town of Mansfield, PA. If you click on the Fabulous 1890's link you can get more information

Right after my last blog post I broke the tendon in my right hand middle finger....fix for that....8 weeks perfectly straight and it will mend itself if you let it bend your 8 weeks starts over. I would have never guessed that my right middle finger really was that important. Typing and writing was a challenge, dipping ice cream was actually quite comical in the beginning. I had a binding to sew on a quilt, my grandmother used to say "looks like a bear cub with boxing gloves" I now have a good idea she would have said that to me! But I have adjusted well and only have 2 weeks to go.

My long arm quilting machine has had no rest. Seems that in the heat of the summer several people stayed in the air conditioned sewing rooms and created beautiful tops for me to quilt! I ave added some pics of the ones I have quilted last week.

Hopefully this week I will get some photos of the leaves changing in our area to share with you. Fall is my favorite season if I had to choose! This morning I had 31 degrees....the fog was quite thick so I believe my tomatoes that I have been waiting to harvest until I had time to make Tabouli will be okay. My pumpkin patch did not like the high temps of summer so I need to go on the great pumpkin hunt soon as well as pick apples for my applesauce and pie filling.

Have a great day! Hugs!


  1. Here's to fast healing! Doesn't seem to have slowed you down in spirit or action though. :-)

  2. I was just thinking about you today! I stopped by Needles and bought some fabric for my pillows and I have a Christmas quilt top for you to quilt for me! I'll be in touch!!
    So sorry to hear about your finger. How on earth did you do that!!?? Hope it heals quickly.
    Love and hugs, Diane


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