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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas is fast approaching!

Hello! I have still not been able to figure out how to put my pictures where I want them instead of wherever they land. Anyways, this is my progress for the week. I have quilted 2 Christmas tree wall hangings and the little pic beside it is the detail of the holly in the border, one of table runner with the four trees, the star quilt and the basket quilt. I am down to 12 quilts left to quilt for others to have in time for Christmas. Then I can start mine! I would have liked to give several quilts this year but I believe only one is a definite. Next year hopefully my life will calm down and I will learn to say "N-O" better and I will get all of my quilting and all the customer quilting done way ahead. Does anyone else have a problem with saying "NO" when someone wants a bit of help? A bit usually turns in to a major project! I am finding my non-sewing friends come to see me for tips....well tips is code for would you do this for me? Thinking maybe I should just give them all sewing lessons as a gift.

Going to quilt today and part of tomorrow so that I can take Tuesday off to go Christmas shopping and Thursday for Thanksgiving then back to quilt, quilt and quilt.

Weather in Northern PA is to be nice today and tomorrow, High 40's then next week is rain and snow showers. So have to get my walking in and my outside Christmas decorations out this weekend.

Well off to the quilting machine! Hope all of you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by and spending a bit of your day with me!

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  1. Kim, sometimes I have trouble saying no and other times it's easy. Depends on the person I'm saying it to and the reason they want something. All of your quilts look gorgeous! There will be some happy people out there that entrusted them to you!
    Hugs, Diane


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