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Friday, September 16, 2011

Starting Over

I am sorry for missing in action from the blogging world for the last eight months. There come times in your life when you have to sit back and take the easier road for a while and put a few things on hold. I am hoping that things are starting to turn around for me and that I can stay relaxed and stress free and not feel overwhelmed when it comes to what should I write about on my blog today. I try not to get to personal and sometimes I write an entire post and when proofreading I realize my readers really don't care about all this extra stuff. So here is to one of many "New Beginnings" for me!

Fall is creeping was 34` here this morning. I am getting excited to start my fall decorating. The summer weather took quite a toll on my geranium and petunias, very rainy, then very hot, then back to very rainy. So on my to do list for today I need to pick up a couple of mums to decorate the front porch. I have a Halloween quilt that I started from fabrics my dear friend Diane Knott gave me in a pick-me up package...hopefully I can get it finished this year...I just ordered a spider web panto for the quilting on it so this should urge me along a bit more. I am thinking a whole cloth quilt with contrasting thread using the spider web panto design could be an interesting Halloween quilt! Things are starting to slow down at the ice cream shop. Everyone has been asking how much longer? Well, that depends on the weather and business! Next weekend is our Fabulous 1890's celebration in my town and if the weather cooperates it shall make for a busy weekend for me! Then we decide day to day. The very wet spring made for me to be busy quilting in the summer. I have never had so many quilts to quilt for others in the summer months. Everyone is all we did when it rained nonstop in the spring! I am already closing in on being booked for Christmas quilts. I have not been exercising as I should and twenty pounds have jumped aboard for a ride. I have to get them off! I feel ugh most of the time....especially when trying to get dressed! So starting this week I have been eating healthier and trying to walk everyday. I have a customer that has lost over 100 lbs and he said watching what he eats and running. He recommends the couch to 5K program online. So I am printing that out and seeing what I can do with it. I am by no means a runner, he says that is what this program is designed for. One of my goals for 2011 was to run in a 5K....maybe I can bump that to train to run a 5K in 2011 and actually do the 5K in 2012.


  1. Hey, Girlfriend! Join me in the dieting! I'm doing no sugar and low fat and high fiber! Good to see you here again. I can totally understand life taking over! Stuff happens!

    See you soon!
    Hugs, Diane

  2. Okay! You are telling the lady who owns an ice cream shop and works there everyday to give up sugar! Well....I am hoping to be able to do that once the shop closes....I do very well till business is slow and then the ice cream taunts me! Doing the low fat and high fiber pretty good. I know I need to move more. I had to walk thru the horse pasture twice the other day and I really thought I would not make it...soooo out of shape!

  3. Lol on the giving up sugar as an ice cream shop owner! So is your shop seasonal? I have to tell you that after years of fighting to lose the 40 lbs I gained when I married hubby, I finally got on the stick. It comes down to limiting meal portions and the size of them, getting enough sleep to help cut out the sugar cravings, and exercise. As you exercise, after the first month you will notice that your cravings change, and you will want to eat healthier foods. We got a recumbent bike for indoor exercise, and I read while on it. I walk or ride the bike 3 days a week and run the other 3. Sunday is a day of rest for me. We all need to have that. As the weather gets iffy, I will also add an exercise dvd to the line-up. Someone gave me Beach Bodies, which is a good workout but Debbie can't count for beans. ;-0
    Anyhew, I've lost 30 lbs and have about 10 to 15 to go. It took me almost a year, but hey, it will stay off that way. You can do this, if I can, anyone can. :-)


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